©2012 Antinore’s Pizza. All Rights Reserved. Did you know your favorite neighborhood pizzeria also specializes in cookies and pastries? We feature different gourmet desserts in-house everyday, but we also offer delicious baked goods by the pound for takeout. Many of our cookies can even be customized for your event in colors of your choice! Please click around the options below for more information or call Billie at 860-444-7772 for details on our full-service catering. Biscotti di Mandorie E Celiegi a crispy almond cookie with glacé cherries $8.95/lb L’orange Bella Dolci a beautiful, soft cookie made with orange essence $8.95/lb Venetian 7-Layer Cookies moist and rich with almond, raspberry, and chocolate. a year-long celebratory favorite that can be custom-made in any color $9.95/lb Italian Pistachio Pistachios are a favorite nut in Italian cooking, and these cookies are baked full of them, then topped with white chocolate $9.95/lb Limone Dolci A crunchy lemon shortbread cookie, perfect with coffee, tea, or cocktails $8.95/lb Sfogliatelle flaky pastry filled with ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, orange and cinnamon $2.00/each or $20.00/dozen Cuciadate The Classic Italian Fig cookie, filled with our own fig jam $8.95/lb Italian Horn filled with either raspberry or orange gelatina di frutta. The dough is made wtih vanilla bean and ice cream $8.95/lb Cannoli A classic, fried cannoli shell filled with ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, orange zest and cinnamon. Try our Sicilian style with chocolate chips in the cream and covering each end. $2.00/each or $20.00/dozen Amygthalota A traditional Greek almond cookie, these crispy delights are often served on special occasions. $9.95/lb Italian Meatball Cookie With crushed walnut, chocolate, and a hint of spice, made completely by hand $8.95/lb Specialty Cookies by the Tray Pickup or Delivery Available, ask about custom colors for your event! prices vary by selection and quantity 1 lb Italian Mix A pound of our traditional favorites, just in case you can’t decide! $8.95/lb 5 lb Italian Mix Five pounds of our traditional favorites, perfect for when company is coming! $39.95 (about 7.95/lb) Biscotti a Cioccalato Bianco Biscotti filled with pistachios, raspberries, and dipped in white chocolate $9.95/lb Antinore’s prepares cookies and pastries for 30 to 1,000 people. Pickup or full delivery including catering, on-site staff, service coordinator, event planning and cleanup available. Please call 860-444-7772 and speak to Billie for pricing and details.